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WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer
Wenzhou Aowei Machinery Co.,Ltd. is one of the leading China WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer manufacturers, welcome to wholesale cheap WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer from our factory.


very saving solvent
low energy consumption
Suitable for thermosensitive material
batch Evaporation Crystallizer


WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer

Main Advantage:

It is energy saving concentrator( batch Evaporation Crystallizer ),the characteristic of this dual effect( batch Evaporation Crystallizer )is the steam can be twice use . take 1000L dual effect concentrator for example,it can save 3,500 tons of steam, 90,000 tons of water, 80,000 watt of electric per year, it is about save $14,000-$22,000 per year  


WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer  



Product Description

Dual-effect energy-saving evaporator( batch Evaporation Crystallizer )is used in Chinese traditional medicine, western medicine, glucose, starch, MSG, dairy products and chemist to concentrate their liquid, especially suitable for termally sensitive materials to concentrate.



WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer



WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer




Combining the advantages of domastic homogeneous products and suggestion, our company improved the design aboratively, and the effectiveness is much better.

1. Energy-saving profit:In case of SJN-1000, the saves respectively in the term of vapor, warer and electric per year are about 3500 tons,9000 tons and 8000watt, equal to RMB 100,000~150,000 Yuan.

2. Adopts the form of making output heat circulation system and vacuum negative evaporation combining together to fasten the speed. Concentrating gravity can reach 1. 25~1.35( in case of normal China traditional immerse cream) without need of open-mouth pan for collection of cream.

3. The liquid is concentrated in sealing and without foam condition. The materials flowed out have no pollution, the taste of the medicine is very heavy, the cream is made evenly.

4. The heater and the top cover of evaporator adopt turnover arm structure opening the caver of the Heater, they can be cleaned. It is very convenient and save time and labor.

5. With the adoption of double-efficient simultaneouse evaporation the twice steam can be used aboundently and the energy can be reduced. Compared with single-efficient, the energy can be reduced 50%, at the same time the organic solvent can be recycled.

6. The parts contacts with materials is made of made of stainless steel SUS304 and reaches GMP standard. This equipments can automatically drain, alleviate to labor the strength, and have the half automation the function. distiller


Below is the final product of cotaltous sulfate crystalline.

 WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer


WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer


Technology parmeter







amount of evaporationkg/h





water consumption of circulation  (T/h)





steam consumption (kg/h)





Size length*height*width  ( m) 





concentration ratio


vaporization temperature () Single effect


vaporization temperature () Dual-effect


degree of vacuum

(Mp) Single effect


degree of vacuum

(Mp) Dual-effect


Steam pressure  Mpa




WZD batch Evaporation Crystallizer


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